The Tree of Dreams

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Tree Of Dreams - an interactive book for children

Participate in this fun adventure. A child will overcome her fears and will thus grow by means of a journey through nature and its elements... the time of a night. Dream or reality? Check out this interactive book for small children and their parents. Take together this journey into a dream, the time of a night… or a life? A child wakes up in her bed during a rainy night, leaves the bedroom and finds in the garden a mysterious tree --the tree Dreams? Carried away by the wind, the child leaves for a long journey full of visual surprises and sounds. The interactive book "Tree Of Dreams" offers many entertaining interactions : Discover over 50 interactions through more than 35 scenes. Many interactions will allow you to discover surprising and often funny animations as well as many sound effects in the story's atmosphere. In some scenes, you will use the accelerometer to steer your character --but beware of bats and birds passing by. A dreamlike atmosphere An original soundtrack, supported by the recording of real musical instruments. Drawings created by hand on paper, then scanned and reworked, that create a special atmosphere, warm, original and artistic. An entire and multi-media project "The Tree Of Dreams" is a project which includes a short animated film, this very interactive book for iPhone / iPad, a printed book and a soundtrack in a dreamlike and ecological universe, for children 4-8 years and their parents. Coming soon! A package in recycled cardboard with the seed of a tree inside that you can plant wherever you want and see your own Tree Of Dreams grow. Note that there is no text or voice to guide your actions. We leave it up to you to discover all the interactions, as it is more fun to uncover all the features by yourself. There are also two ways of using the application: A cinematic mode (which plays the whole story like a short movie) and an interactive mode. One can switch from one to the other at any time.